Brisbane Grease traps help save the environment!

May 26, 2016

Brisbane has seen a great deal of development over the last several years, and now has a population of over 2.24 million. New suburbs are being created in the south, north and west, and new industries and businesses are springing up, seemingly overnight. Among these are boutique restaurants, fashionable cafes, service and sporting clubs.
In the Brisbane CBD the variety of eateries is constantly evolving, and includes
  • fine restaurants
  • budget restaurants
  • bistros
  • grills
  • steakhouses
  • tapas bars, and
  • seafood specialists
When combined with city and suburban hotels, clubs and bars, visitors and residents alike are spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out. These establishments are subject to rigorous regulation by Councils and health authorities, and it is essential that they adhere to the rules and regulations necessary to keep the environment clean, and their clients healthy.
In Brisbane, just like in most other cities, the humble grease trap plays a larger part in saving the environment than most people realise. The hidden grease interceptor is an essential part of all commercial food preparation establishments. In fact, wherever food is being prepared, whether for wholesale or retail, grease traps will be found as part of the plumbing.
When to Install that Grease Trap
In most cities and towns every commercial food business must have a trade waste agreement with the council that will specify what size holding tank is required. These can be up to 6000 litres especially when they are shared by several businesses, such as in a mall or plaza.
For new establishments, grease trap installation is usually done in conjunction with all the other plumbing. However, in some cases there is the need to upgrade an older establishment or to convert a building to its new purpose. In these cases, the grease interceptor may be installed separately from the original plumbing.
As its name suggests, a grease trap is basically a large tank that holds the waste product from food preparation and washing up, allowing the grease and oil to rise to the surface so that the water can be siphoned off to the sewerage works.
This keeps oily waste out of the sewerage and ensures that it does not get into the Brisbane waterways, thus helping to keep our environment much cleaner and healthier.
Without a grease trap, should sewer pipes become blocked raw sewage can overflow into the environment or onto your property, causing many problems – not the least of which is disease and odour.
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