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Australia’s number 1 greasetrap installation company.

We provide a full installation service for your new grease trap project.
When you have purchased your greasetrap that is suitable for your needs, you will need to engage a professional company to handle the installation for you. You can also buy your greasetrap directly from us if you have already got your plumber ready to install this for you.

What’s involved?

Depending on where you are located in Australia, you may need to have prior approval to do the installation. You will need to do sufficient checks with your local water authority, or council to determine if this is the case. Many council will require that hydraulic design is done for the project and approved by the council before you can do the install of your greasetrap.

If you require hydraulic design for your project, please email us to see what’s involved in more detail.

If you have your approvals in place, please contact us to help you with a cost breakdown for your greasetrap installation.

Some of the things to consider that you will require for a grease trap install is as follows –

– Access to site.
– Concrete scanning to determine if other services like electrical cables and phone lines are below the slab or bitumen
– Concrete cutting
– Concrete removal
– Excavation of the area where the greasetrap must be installed
– Spoil removal for all excess dirt
– Removal of all concrete and other debris
– Back-filling of the area, and compaction to make sure that when the surface is reinstated, that it does not collapse below due to inadequate compaction
– Reinstating the concrete or bitumen in a tradesman like fashion
– Ensuring adequate protection of the site is installed with barrier fencing, and safety tape to keep the public protected from the site works

Engaging a fully qualified plumbing company is important. The need for experience in completing greasetrap projects is paramount. Most plumbing companies will not have any experience with greasetrap installations. It is completely different to a standard sewerage drainage job. So picking a qualified team to deliver this for you is something that you should consider.

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