Greasetrap in Adelaide

May 11, 2015

Grease Traps Help to Keep Adelaide Beautiful

Unlike many cities in Australia that simply grew up without any planning, the garden city of Adelaide was planned in 1836 by a visionary, Colonel Lightfoot, who envisioned a city centre of no more than one square mile wide surrounded by parks, and with plenty of open space inside it.

This is exactly what the residents of this pretty city delight in. It is not too far across the city so that anyone can enjoy each and every part of it, from the gardens through to the coastal areas.

March is a great time to enjoy a visit to this beautiful region as that is when a great deal is happening, including the Santos Tour Down Under.

Visitors find that it is easy to find their way around the city, whether they want to watch the cricket at the Adelaide Oval, enjoy the Clipsal 500 Adelaide V8 car races, or explore the shopping and dining that Rundle Street offers. Then there is the amazing South Australian Museum and many other tourist attractions to be enjoyed.

Grease Traps – Hidden but Hardworking

What most people don’t see in Adelaide is an important but hidden part of the city that helps to keep it beautiful. Grease traps are nothing spectacular to look at, but they certainly play an important part in keeping the plumbing working and ensuring that there are no ugly backflows from fat blockages in the pipes. These grease arrestors are large tanks that hold the waste water until two things occur; the water cools off and the grease or oil in it rises to the top.

Then the water underneath can be siphoned off and the grease kept back out of the pipes. Grease arrestors must be pumped out every so often to remove the build-up of grease, thus allowing the trap to do its job efficiently. Almost every business that dispenses or makes food of any kind, or that washes greasy waste into the plumbing must have a grease trap installed.

We are experts in ensuring that Adelaide businesses have easy access to quality grease traps. If you are starting up a new business or renovating the plumbing in an older one, our consultants can help you to make the right choice of grease trap for Adelaide.

The Grease Trap Sales team members are familiar with all the rules and regulations required for your area and can supply and arrange for your Adelaide grease trap to be fitted by reliable local plumbers. Contact us by phone, or fill in the enquiry box.