How much does a grease trap cost?

August 11, 2015

How Much Does a Grease Trap Cost?

Budgets are an important part of every business – especially at the start up stage. Knowing how much everything is going to cost is essential if you are to stay within your budget. However, it is also necessary to factor in all those ongoing costs that your business will need to meet each month or quarter.
If you are asking how much does a grease trap cost, the answer must be calculated not only on the cost of the actual device and the installation; ongoing costs should also be taken into consideration.
What are Ongoing Costs?
You may think that the smallest grease interceptor would be the cheapest, and you would be right if you only thought in terms of the actual cost of purchase. However, the devices must be pumped out and cleaned at regular intervals – and this is an ongoing cost.
So paying more for a trap that is a little larger than regulations dictate will mean that it will not need to be pumped out so often, thus saving on the ongoing costs. Each pump-out can cost around $200-500, so considering ongoing costs such as these are worthwhile could save you long-term.
Initial Costs
The cost of the grease trap may also vary depending on the brand and what it is made from. We supply only well-known and respected brands such as:
• Halgan
• Viking
• Mascot
• Everhard
Replacing a trap can be a costly exercise, so installing a reputable brand such as these is be the best way forward, even if the initial cost may, in some cases, be slightly higher. We know that the average person does not know such details, so we recommend that you only purchase a grease trap from a company that specialises in them – like Grease Trap Sales.
Grease interceptors are essential for all food enterprises, however where they are located and how big they are plays an important part in the cost of the initial purchase.
One thing is for sure, it is impossible to avoid this cost because you won’t be allowed to open without all the proper standards having been met and the council and other authorities will inspect the work to ensure it meets with their requirements. Only by meeting these requirements can you be sure that you are looking after the environment as well as staying on the right side of the law.
Rather than purchasing a generic grease trap that may or may not be suitable, your business may need to have one custom built. This can be the case when there are space constraints to consider – often when a building is being renovated and extra plumbing needs to be installed.
Our Grease Trap Sales team is on hand to discuss your particular requirements. We can have one custom-designed and built, and supply grease arrestors up to 15,000 litres.
Call our friendly, helpful team today or email us your initial enquiry.