Need a grease trap in Sydney?

July 11, 2015

Sydney Grease Traps For Your Restaurant, Cafe or Club

Sydney is Australia’s oldest city. It was in this vicinity that Captain Cook landed, and 18 years later, the European settlement of Australia began.

The city was never planned in the same way that say, Adelaide was, which is why some parts of the city have narrow, winding streets and very old buildings. However, the city itself, and the greater Sydney region have gone through numerous makeovers and developments – Sydney is constantly sprawling.

Now, with a population of almost 5 million, the city houses almost one-fifth of Australia’s total population.

More roads are being constructed, along with expansion of the city’s rail network. These initiatives open up new housing developments, and make it easier for residents to access the amenities they need to enjoy a comfortable Aussie lifestyle.

As the city expands there is, understandably, more demand for local services and retail establishments such as restaurants, clubs, hospitals, health clinics and schools. Spaces for these too are being included by city and town planners.

In any city, a lot of infrastructure is needed to ensure that the standard of living is kept to a certain level. Sydney City Council, for instance, has guidelines for waste water management which include installing specified grease traps in commercial premises that serve or prepare food, whether that is on a wholesale or retail basis.

Making Grease Trap Installation Easy

Here at Grease Trap Sales, we specialise in the supply and installation of grease traps, regardless of the size of your operation – be it a Sydney cafe or one of Sydney’s big clubs. We understand Council requirements as they relate to your particular business and can provide the necessary drawings – we will even submit them to Council on your behalf.

Our staff are friendly, professional and efficient. We know the potential pitfalls of grease trap installation and make it our mission to see that your grease interceptor meets all requirements and guidelines.

Take The Load Off Your Grease Trap

As your grease trap intercepts greasy waste and solids, it will need to be pumped out on a regular basis, but how often can depend on your kitchen practices.

You can reduce the frequency of grease trap pump out by using some simple techniques.

  • Scrape solids and grease off plates into the bin before loading them into the dishwasher
  • Wipe greasy plates over with paper towels before washing them
  • Use minimal amounts of fat or oil when cooking – it’s healthier!
  • Train staff to do all of the above.

When you need to install a new grease trap in your Sydney premises, or replace an old one, we welcome your call or email to discuss your particular project.